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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your proteins free of antibiotics and hormones?
    Yes! At Pawlistic Pet Food, we ONLY use USDA certified meat and all of our poultry is free of hormones and antibiotics to ensure the highest quality for our pets!
  • How should I store your raw blends? Dehydrated treats?
    ALL raw blends will need to be stored in the freezer until ready to serve. They will last about six months in the freezer. We recommend defrosting the meat in the refrigerator overnight and it only stays fresh for 2 days since we do not include any preservatives in our formulation. Dehydrated treats can be stored at room temperature.
  • Should I pick chunked or ground for my pets?
    If you are new to raw feeding or you have a picky eater, we always recommend the ground recipe since it is easier to mix and portion. Our chunked recipe encourages pets to chew and provides dental benefits during the process. Please note that the chunked recipes in BARF contain whole bones and PMR only contain ground bones.
  • Why do you have a chunked recipe?
    We offer a chunked receipt for pet parents who would like to see the exact ingredients in our formulas. Chunked and whole bones also provide dental benefits and enrichment from chewing!
  • What if my address is not within your delivery zoom?
    No worries! Please reach out to us with your address and we will get back to you with an estimated delivery fee and a free delivery ordering price. We arrange delivery to San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco once a month!
  • What is the difference between BARF and PMR? And which one do I choose?
    The only difference between BARF and PMR is that BARF has vegetables and fruits and PMR does not. We generally recommend BARF for dogs and PMR for cats. However, if you add your own vegetable topping or use the Pawlistic Dehydrated Superfood, PMR will be perfect!
  • How should I transition from kibble to raw?
    For transitioning, some pets may take a week and some may take three weeks to a month to fully transition to raw. For pets with sensitive digestive systems, we always recommend pet parents to patiently start from a slow schedule, such as 75% kibble+25% raw for the first week, 50% kibble+50% raw for the second week, then 25% kibble+75% raw for the third week. Some pets may do better with cooked than raw based on their digestive system. Pet parents may lightly cook or heat up our blends to ease the transition too!
  • What protein should I start with?
    It is always recommended to start with a protein consistent with their current food. Our most popular beginnner blends are the Chick-a-Beef and the Chicken Feast! After fully transitioned to raw, it is recommended to consistently rotate the proteins as your pet tolerates since different proteins provide different nutrional values (3-5 a month is great!)
  • Does Pawlistic use HPP or denaturants?
    Pawlistic never denatures any of our meats because all of our raw materials come from our USDA-inspected suppliers. We also don’t use any unnatural processing on our meats such as HPP.
  • Can I cook your blends?
    Yes! All of our blends are cookable except for our Surf and Turf formula due to the danger of cooked fish bones. We do offer cooked versions of all of our other BARF recipes!
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